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Gum Disease Treatment

Receding, swollen, or red gums can signal the onset of periodontal disease. When your gums become unhealthy, the supporting bone can deteriorate, causing teeth to shift, loosen, or even require extraction. Not only do these changes interfere with your ability to chew and speak, but untreated periodontal disease can also affect your overall health.

At least 80% of the population has some degree of gum disease and most don’t know it. Gum disease is responsible for up to 70% of adult tooth loss, and it does not give clear warning signs that an untrained eye would notice. A dentist or hygienist must do a thorough and complete examination to detect it; especially in its early stages. Gum disease is similar to high blood pressure, or heart disease, by the time the person who has it notices symptoms it is in its advanced stages.

Gum disease has been implicated as causative factor in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-mature births, and low birth weight. It is an infection of the gums and jawbones. The bacteria and chemical by-products of your bodies attempt to fight the bacteria, can enter the blood stream and cause serious problems in distant parts of the body. It critical to have your teeth cleaned and a thorough examination a minimum of twice a year as well as doing thorough job at home cleaning your teeth twice daily.

The good news is that gum disease can be treated and prevented. Our periodontists, Dr. Mayer Sinesky and Dr. Barry Borger, are dedicated to exceptional patient care and use a gentle touch. They will conduct a comprehensive exam and then work closely with you and your dentist to develop a periodontic treatment plan suited to your unique needs.

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